BTF Radio

BTF Radio is Priest’s vision of what it’s really like to be a fan. It is designed to give you, the fan, a way to interact with not only other fans, but players and coaches from the NFL, ASFL, AFL, and other leagues as well.

One of the awesome concepts we have implemented is, not only for us to write blogs, but to let you, the fans write as well in our From the Fans blog page! This will give you an opportunity to have your say. Our blogs will also be posted for you to comment on. In addition, we definitely did not want to leave the women out of the equation, so Tina will be writing for us in Tina’s Take. But we did not want to stop there; we wanted to look to the future, so we are giving the kids their chance to write!! Yes we want to make sure that the future bloggers of the world get off to the right start in Kids Korner, so please only leave positive comments!

Every fan wants to show off their colors, so we are giving you the fans, your own photo gallery! Yes, you can show off your colors to the rest of the BTF family! Please keep them decent! After all this is an all ages site.

The site is equipped with BTF Chat that will be on during the show and of course during the games! Game day chat with all the BTF family!  We’ll be here talking about the game and answering any questions you may have.

The SHOWS!!! I had to leave the best for last! Behind The Facemask makes a triumphant return to the air in a different type of format, while still keeping its original form as we do with Beyond The Field. Both shows offer interviews with former/current players and coaches focusing on the great charity work and human side of the players!  THIS IS A BTF EXCLUSIVE!  This is what has made BTF one of the greatest interview shows around. WE WILL ALWAYS MAINTAIN THIS STANDARD!

We strive to give you the best and we want your input, so please contact us in the Contact us page.  Give us your feedback!  This is your site! We consider the fans, players, etc as part of our family!  Welcome to the BTF family…we are glad to have you!

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