About Us

Beyond The Field is the new, back to the basics version of Behind The Facemask! The creator, owner, and host Priest Adler takes a completely different approach to the IF IT BLEEDS, IT READS mentality of modern media. Our focus remains true to who the player is as a person, the challenges they have faced, and the life-altering moments in time that get lost by big media. We feel the need for the human emotion and the players achievements off the field such as charities, foundations, and if retired, where they are today! The purpose of BTF is, and always has been, the greater good of the game. For the players whether you were on the practice squad or a hall of famer your story needs to be told and BTF gives you the forum to do so! It’s high time to leave the off-the-field antics out of the media and place the hard work and accomplishments of the players Beyond The Field and into the forefront.

For the fans, being a 5 day/week live show, we touch on topics the same as other media outlets but from a fans point of view after all we are fans just like you! We strive to be different and chart our own course so that others may follow. BTF is a fan driven show where fans talk to fans. We keep it simple and straight forward. Anything is game from the simplest of questions to breaking down the Xs and Os. We let you, the fans, lead the discussion via phone or chat.

So much is owed to the people who have stepped up to help in the continuation of BTF the list is too long but those of you know who you are and I thank you for all you have done and continue to do to help keep the dream alive! To the players that have put their faith in BTF and myself (Priest Adler) I cannot thank you enough for helping make an idea a reality!

Fans and players, alike, you are the true heroes be proud!

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